Conversion Startup

I currently ride to work every day on a Suzuki 650 motorbike and enjoy the free parking, the ability to use bus lanes and get too and from work much faster than the average commuter. In riding I am doing my bit for the environment (although not as much as I would if I was riding a bicycle) with less environmental impact in the motorcycle manufacture than a car, less fuel use and less emissions (yes my bike has a catalytic converter and runs on unleaded).  However I would like to do more.

Over the last year or so I have become inspired to create/convert a bike into an electric commuter vehicle.  Events like the TTXGP at the Isle of Man and vehicles like the Zero Motorcycle and Mission show what can be done with a large budget.  However a growing community of home conversions is happening all around the world.  They hang out at sites like EVAlbum, elmoto and endless-sphere swapping information, hints, tips and frustrations.

So with approval from the finance department (the wife) I have approval to embark on this adventure.

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