Details of Brakes and Suspension

Ok so I have stripped down the brake callipers and removed the front forks.  The internals of the brakes are so good I could have just bled them and replaced the fluid, even the pads are ok.

I am a little bit concerned about one of the front suspension tubes.  One of the crimps was a little tight and may have dented the tube.  You can see the mark in the middle of this photo.

The rest looks good.

4 thoughts on “Details of Brakes and Suspension”

  1. I’m one of Tony’s riding mates and will follow this project with great interest because, apart from motorcycling, I’m also building a recreational aircraft kit and I’m keen to see what electric technologies may offer for that area.

    Great to see the details coming up on this blog.

    Cheers Murray

  2. Great photos Tony. Mark on fork tube looks just that to me, possibly clamp was loose at some time and marked the tube maybe even wore it a bit at that point?. Even so at that point all there is inside is the spring and a loose fit at that. I can only imagine the clamp bolt stripping before damage occurs to the tube, it’s pretty tough. I’d polish it and put it back.
    ps. I’m Murray’s father-in law. Can’t see his plane getting up with a load of batteries!

  3. John, thanks for the info. I did some polishing on them last weekend and came to the same conclusion.. then look straight and undamaged.

    Should have the rolling chassis up in a few weeks time.

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