Weekend Update

Ok so yesterday and today I did some more.  I completely exposed the main frame and the swing arm. Today I thoroughly cleaned the frame and swing arm with heavy duty cleaner some brushes and some nylon scouring pads.  Looks like I won’t be painting the frame as there is no need, all the marks and dirt came off showing really good aluminium surface.  There is some marks but nothing to worry about.

All bearings are good, wheel, taper and swing arm.

I then cleaned and wire-brushed the sub-frames and fairing supports.  I have covered them with a rust inhibiting undercoat and a matt black top coat.  I also cleaned and painted the top section of the rear shock absorber.

Next week I plan to grease all the bearings, reassemble the swing arm and the front yokes.  I will also paint the wheels ready for new tires.

The following week I plan to install new front master cylinder, replace the rear (hopefully), fit new brake lines and reassemble the callipers.  After this once I have new tires then the complete rolling chassis should be complete.

Pictures soon.

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