Brake system fully dismantaled

Ok now that was harder than it should have been.  The front callipers are now apart thanks to a couple of weeks “soaking” in WD40, an air compressor and a clever use of a pair of pliers and a rubber mallet.

I will be ordering new brake lines for the bike and a kit for the rear master cylinder.  Once cleaned and reassembled the next phase will be re-oiling the front forks and new tires.  The motor I am looking at has nearly completed it’s testing and I am working through some ideas for battery packs.

One thought on “Brake system fully dismantaled”

  1. You said you have an air comp. If the pistons arn’t corroded to the caliper cylinder, the usual way is to force them out with comp air. You could try meth spirits to dissolve hard deposits whereas wd40 may swell the rubbers making it even harder to remove.

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