Battery Layouts

I have been thinking lately about how I am going to get the batteries I want into the small light frame of the RG250.  Using large rectangular cells won’t really fit, I would have them hanging out everywhere.

So I am thinking of using Headway 38120S cells. These cells (pictured below) are approx 38mm diameter and just over 134mm long (nearly 145 with mounting gear).

96 of these cells arranged into a 72volt 40AH pack (often called 24S4P 24 Serial, 4 Parallel) would give me all the power and range I could desire.  However fitting that many will be “interesting”.

If I basically create two 36volt packs (12S4P) side by side then it should fit in the frame and still be covered by the fairing once fitted.

So it looks like I will be 34Kg of batteries providing 2.8KWh, as long as I can get the motor onto the swingarm of the bike.

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