Motor running sweetly.

Today Mark and I spent some time with a timing advance unit from Burtie (on endless-sphere).  This device dynamically increases the advance of the motor position sensors as the revs increase.  This overcomes the inherent delay in the controller that was causing us issues before.

Prior to using the timing adjuster we were getting the following:
Max RPM: 4700
Volts: 76
Max Current: 50amps (right at the peak 23amps under the 4200rpm mark.

Obviously we had some issues with the neutral timing or the sensor positions.

NOW we run it with the timing adjuster….
Max RPM: 6030
Volts: 76volts (same as before)
Max current: 5.5 amps
No load Power: 240 watts

If all these values are close (remember I have not calibrated the cycle analyst we were using and it showed -0.25amp draw with no throttle input) Toolman2 has come up with these numbers.

0.0088 ohms resistance
Peak Efficiency at 218 amp and 76 volts
Therefore 16.6kW
95.0% efficiency.

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