Updates… load tests…

Well I have good news and bad news. I did setup for a frankenride yesterday and I do have video. Laying out the stuff on the bike was easier than I thought, although this is very much a throw together. I was not able however to get the bike to go very well at all.

I think it is due to two things… as you can hear in the video I think the hall sensor signal is too noisy for the Timing Adjuster setup as it currently is. I did try with it not attached and it did work slightly better. However the big issue was the controller cutting out… I actually think that is due to Low Voltage from the battery. After one attempt the output voltage from my 24S pack was around 16 volts. I did recharge the pack and it came ok. However I think I have a bad cell or two or the BMS just can’t handle the load.

After we stopped trying to video the runs I did get a slightly better run before the cutout… this motor does PULL… now I just need to be able to apply the current it wants. Next plans – update the TA to have more filtering (toolman2 did this with his), program the controller to reduce current draw and check all the cells in the batteries.

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