eFXC (electric Formula eXtreme Championship) – Australian TTXGP

Just back from the first ever eFXC event.  This was a shakedown event with 5 track sessions over 2 days.  Three bikes were entered into the event however due to shipping issues only two made it for the weekend.

The first is the Catavolt entry using a modified Enertrac Hub motor and Headway 8ah cylindrical Cells.  Best time on the weekend was around 1minute 29 seconds (note the lap record for 125 2-Strokes is 1:04).  By the end of the weekend the motor seems to have failed and the controller was in a fault condition.  I am sure Jon will post up more on his site.
Elmoto Racing - WakeField 023

The second bike, Ripperton is using the fairly new Motenergy ME0913 double stack motor and small form LiPo pouch batteries.  This bike got stronger as the weekend went on with a final time of about 1:22.  Daniel now has many many things he wants to adjust.
Elmoto Racing - WakeField 022

Next meet (July) is a full race and there should be 6 bikes there.

See all my photos here.


3 thoughts on “eFXC (electric Formula eXtreme Championship) – Australian TTXGP”

  1. It’s great to see these electric bikes race around Wakefield.
    I wish I turned up.
    It’s also good to compare hub motor versus non hub motor.

    What would be interesting is if they raced against the 2 stroke 125cc, which I guess will happen in due course.

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