I have been thinking for a while what I would be doing with gauges for the electric bike.  Nothing I looked at seemed to be the right solution.  The original cluster was worn and tatty (it is a 25 year old set) and included a speedo, tacho and temp gauge.  Also included was the usual array of lights.

RG250 Cluster

(Note not my picture but very close to the condition of my gauges.

Now the electric bike needs a little bit of a different setup for one thing with a single fixed gear the tacho is not important.  However I need is a State Of Charge (SOC) indication to I can tell how full my battery pack is and a current draw meter so I can keep an eye on how much punishment I am putting the battery pack and motor under.  They will have to be clear, concise, accurate and attractive.  I could get two gauges to replace the temp and tacho, one showing SOC and the other showing current draw however this still leaves me with a tatty look and a mismatch of gauges as no one produces a white faced set of SOC or amp gauges with yellow needles.

I have settled on two items to replace the complete cluster, the first is a Acewell ACE-3963 Motorcycle computer.  This is a complete digital instrument cluster in one simple package.

I am pairing this with the ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver Plus which will drive the tacho as an amp meter, the fuel gauge as a SOC and also provide an adjustable “low fuel” warning light. This fuel gauge drive uses a hall effect amp meter to detect current flows up to 1200Amps (both directions) however all of the circuit is driven from the 12volt system keeping it totally isolated. Simple POTs and dip-switches are used to set it up.

ZEVA Fuel Guage Driver Plus

2 thoughts on “Instrumentation”

  1. wow – the Acewell ACE-3963 Motorcycle computer looks really neat.
    I like the light and indicator indication on the cluster.

    For $249, it’s not too bad.

  2. It is a great price a whole 100AUD less then just 4 months ago. There is a few different models with different lights and gauge features. That price also includes a temp sender, hall effect speed detector and a set of wired up plugs to make up your wiring loom. I will put up extra photos later this week.

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