Postman came today!

After coming home today with my motorcycle frame ready to do some work on the wiring and general layout, I found waiting for me 3 boxes.  In one of the boxes was my centralised minibms to look after my batteries, this is a very neat little set of boards.  The second was a radiator, reservoir and pump all build into one neat package from SwiftTech.  This setup should be able to dissipate around 1000 watts of heat from my little motor.

Last, and definitely not least, is my new Kelly Controller.  This controller is good for 500amps motor current for 1 minute and 250 amps continuous.  Based on the motor spec (approx 0.124 kt) that should give a peak torque of 62Nm (approx 46 ft-lbs) more than enough to get me rolling.  I performed a quick test with Mark (toolman2 on endless-sphere) with his smaller outrunner motor and we easily pushed it to 300amps to the motor (for a short time… the motor got a little hot) while applying a significant load.

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