Controller Testing

Ok I have been working with toolman2 with the Kelly controller.  We have been replicating our previous tests on his smaller motor to confirm the Kelly gives us the same numbers as the Infineon controllers.  We have now confirmed that the Kelly has no unexpected losses and the external Timing Adjuster works as well with the Kelly as the smaller controllers.

Yesterday we set the controller into torque mode and measure the phase amps.  With a load on the motor we were able to sustain approx 60amps (phase) and by applying more load the motor slowed as the controller maintained the amps not the speed.  We then did a stress test with 150 phase amps with no problems.

Today we confirmed that regen worked and we could control the rate of regen with the additional pot.  Max current on regen was 18amps back into the battery pack.  One thing we did not like was that once the regen over volts the battery pack the controller goes into fault condition and you have to cycle the power before it will run again.  This seems to be a problem if you were going to rely on the regen for actual braking.

We also confirmed that if the timing is set wrong and at high revs the controller detects the timing error, the Kelly shuts down and correctly shows the fault code.  The Infineon shuts down because it blows a MosFET.

So far very happy with the Kelly controller.  Next steps run up my big motor and try to cause the controller to detect overheat conditions on both motor and controller.  This test will then ensure that not mater the treatment my motor and controller should be protected.  Also we will run up the water cooling on the motor and check all our figures.

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