First ever TTXGP Electric Bike race in Australia

Yesterday the first race of the Australian TTXGP was run at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney.

Three bikes entered the weekend for two races over the weekend (in positional order):

All of these bikes are privateer builds with no factory support and they have all gone along different paths to build the race bikes. 


Built and riden by Daniel Sailer was a Yamaha R1 racebike before the conversion.  Daniel’s philosophy is to build a light race bike that is electric.  So everything leads to how can I make this lighter.  He is using a highly customized Mars motor with modifications to the magnets, rotor, cooling and case.  Using small LiPo pouch batteries in a removable frame milled out of nylon on his own CNC machine.  Some people are concerned with his lack of BMS (he uses some Cell Logs for monitoring), his lack of battery temp monitoring (he uses a thermometer strip stuck on the topmost battery), however he has a 130kg motorcycle easily able to break the 100mph on the track.

Eastern Creek Racing12


Dr Chris Jones is the builder and rider of the Voltron.  Chris decided to change the direction of his commuter build to a race bike about the time the TTXGP in Australia was announced.  This bike uses the tried and true Dual Agni setup with a 1000amp Kelly controller. This is all powered by a large array of A123 20Ah pouch cells.  This bike started life as a RG250 (if that sounds familiar that’s because it is the same bike I am using).  On the day this bike had the highest top speed.
Eastern Creek Racing10


Jon EggenHuizen and his team built this bike and Jason Morris is his rider.  Jon has been building electric bikes for many years and holds the current Australian Electric bike land speed record.  His bike is build from a Daelim motorcycle and uses a custom double width Enertrac hub motor for drive.  This is the most technically impressive bike, with top notch BMS, high end Kelly controllers, onboard telemetry and a huge pack of LiFEPo headway cells.
Eastern Creek Racing20
If you want to here what the commentators think of the racing grab this.

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