Caberra International Electric Vehicle Festival

The Canberra International Electric Vehicle Festival festival was on today and what a great event.  I am not sure of the numbers visiting, however it seemed to be in the thousands.

I was able to perform some demo rides on Chris Jones TTXGP race bike in the closed off area.  In this same area the Tesla’s were giving joy rides as well.  So in the space of about 1.5 city blocks the Tesla’s got up to 97km/h (verified by Police radar).  I then did a run on the bike and was also clocked at 97km/h.  Although in a later head to head drag the Tesla was quicker off the line I could hold the power longer before braking.

Here is a video of myself and the policeman taking the bike for a ride (sorry for the quality)

Update:  Here is the path that was closed up for us to perform the runs.  Just in case you can’t see the track was 200m long.  200m fence to fence.


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