Battery Design Done

Working with Luke we have the battery holder design complete.  Now to ship of the design for milling out of acetate.  Within three weeks I should be starting the final assembly.

The design has 4 plates to hold the cylindrical headway cells to each other and the bike.  The plates have bevelled holes to hold the batteries but allow the terminations to protrude for the electrical connections.  The plates will be spaced apart by rods and the mounting holes will be reinforced by aluminium insets.  Alloy brackets will be made to attach the plates to the existing engine mounts on the frame.
Battery Mount Design

The central plates are larger and fit within the sides of the current motorcycle frame.  They are fare enough apart to mount a single width of batteries around the perimeter.  The outer plates are used to terminate the double width section of cells that protrude from the centre of the frame.  The inner plates have a standard hole that allows these cells to meet in the middle. The complete arrangement will fit beneath the original fairings providing a very clean look when complete.

This setup will hold 120 cells in a 24s5p arrangement giving a 72volt setup with 50ah, which should be enough for 70km or so on a charge.

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