Figuring out the layout of compontents

Now I have the bike and the battery pack back home I am working on how I will fit all the components into the system.

    I have to get the following in with the Battery Pack:

  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • 2 Contactors, one for the power and one for charging
  • High power fuse
  • Controller
  • Timing Adjuster Board
  • 12v auxiliary battery
  • 12v Fuse box
  • 12v wiring loom
  • 12v Relays

So as you can see just a few bits to fit in.

Here is a shot showing the BMS, contactors and fuse. They will all fit nicely on top of the centre battery plates.

BMS and controller layout

Now I have replaced the BMS etc with a plastic box of about the same size to see if the controller fits… and yep it looks good.
BMS and controller layout

BMS and controller layout


The tank (hollowed out) will fit well over all that.  I plan to put all the 12v gear in the gap above the rear shock absorber.

Let me know what you think.

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