Preparing for a big weekend

Next week is Australia Day.  This year it falls on a Thursday and in the tradition of all hard working Australians I plan to take Friday off as flex time.  This gives me 4 days straight to get a huge amount done on the bike.

The next major task is to build the final battery pack 72 volts and 50 amp hours of Headway batteries.  Luke and I have designed the layout and holders for these and we got the first try a month ago.  We needed to make some minor adjustments to the outer plates and also design the electrical connectors.  I made a small video on the battery layout so you can see how it all goes.

My CAD work (Cardboard Aided Design) was put into a real CAD system by Luke and everything looks sweet.
Battery Holder Designs

This weekend I cleaned up the frame, pulled out the motor that was in the way and charged the batteries (man did that take some time).

Cleaned up and ready

Here is the bike ready for major work next weekend.  I am hoping to complete the following:

  • battery pack constructed and fitted to bike
  • all battery sense wires connected to the battery pack
  • fuses mounted
  • contactors mounted
  • BMS placed in a case and plugs wired
  • BMS mounted

This would then only leave the following tasks:

  • Controller mounted
  • Water cooling plumbing and mounting
  • 12 volt fuse and battery setup
  • 12 volt wiring
  • All panel work complete

I can see the end of the tunnel.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for a big weekend”

  1. Andy thanks for that… Just tested the water pump and radiator… draws about 2 amps full power and 1.1 amps on half. I will need to setup a thermal switch for it.

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