Battery Pack Mounted – Finally

After preparation yesterday Paul came over today with the express purpose of fitting the traction battery into the bike frame.  This requires a little co-ordination and gentle  persuasion and as lot of patience.

Here is the headway batteries mounted in the centre plates and ready for the electrical connections.

You can see the spacer rods used to ensure the plates hold but don’t compress the batteries too much.

Centre pack constructed waiting for electrical connectors and mounting.

Mounted in the bike with electrical connectors and BMS sensor wires in place.  Note how the existing engine mounts on the frame are used to hold the battery.

Outer batteries are going in and screwing into the cells on the other side.

The outer mounting plates line up perfectly… should be a really snug fit.

Snug enough to require a little force from a rubber mallet.

All in place waiting for the last of the connectors and wiring.

Battery Mounted


This week I hope to get the last of the connector plates, some clear insulating plates and a box for the BMS system.  Then the full pack will be complete and I can then charge and balance the complete pack.

3 thoughts on “Battery Pack Mounted – Finally”

  1. You did a great and neat design. Very nice job. My self, I would like to upgrade my 250cc scooter to electric. The problem with my scooter is the room and how to set the batterie pack. You have just given the answer. Tell me, where did you purchase your batteries?

    Donald Wright,
    Mirabel, Qc, Canada

    1. Donald,

      I went straight to the Headway factory in China. You can go onto and look up headway xiechang or wtvr and contact them directly.

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