First Engineer Inspection

I had the engineer over yesterday to look over the bike and ensure I am on the right path.  I was a little concerned that he might not like the way I had done some of the things. He got me to prove the new brakes were pulling up the bike in a suitable time (great fun on a wet and cold road), inspected the battery mounts and looked over the job.

No need to be concerned, he gave me a short list of items that I must do:

  1. Get the tare weight of the bike measured at each wheel
  2. Fit ADR (Australian Design Rules) approved indicators
  3. Get and fit a mechanical battery isolation switch
  4. Place a warning sticker on the brake reservoir
  5. Provide a space for the modification approval sticker.

Admittedly there is stuff I have to do prior to final signoff that were already in my plans:

  1. Polycarbonate protector plates on the batteries
  2. 12 volt wiring and fuse box
  3. DC-DC convertor installation
  4. Water cooling setup.

Given enough weekend time I plan to have this done by mid October at the latest.


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