Quick update

Ok a lot of things have been going on, however I am very close to getting the engineer over for the final time.

Things I have completed in the last three weeks.

  • Box with all high voltage contactors and relays filled and mounted
  • gauge cluster fully working with state of charge, speedo and ammeter
  • Volt meter mounted and working
  • Polycarbonate sheets over the outer edge of the battery pack
  • Kill switch wired into the main contactor

I only have a few things to complete

  • mounting plate for BMS, high volt fuses and DC/DC convter
  • charge wires mounted
  • radiators mounted
  • motor number engraved into motor

The bike will then be ready for the engineer.

I have also weighed the bike and it is 71kg front wheel and 60kg rear.  Note this is without the tank shell and stuff above.  The original bike was 71kg front and 59kg rear DRY.  That is with no fuel and oil.  Total weight of the fuel alone is close to 8kg.  So I should be almost the same weight as the original bike with all fluids.

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