The bike is now registered and I am taking it on some road tests.

Final Fitting

I do have a few battery issues to work out when I get some time.
Bike Park

3 thoughts on “Registered!”

  1. Hello, I’m planning on making a scratch built motorbike. Not for road use, just a functional display piece. I like the way you’ve mounted your batteries in the frame. Just after some info on what you’d recommend for the minimum width to fit a single battery cell set up? 150mm?
    Leaving room for connections?

  2. Excellent. Ill make sure the frame of the bike is at least 155mm wide. Can I ask a few questions off the board? I’m not sure if my projects going to work due to the limited space I have for batteries and weight of the bike. I was thinking of doing a 24s3p setup but would like to hear what you think. Any chance you can email me? mcdowall (at) ncable (dot) net (dot) au

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