Battery Pack work

I did a huge amount of work this weekend to identify, isolate, remove and replace faulty cells in my battery pack.  Since registering the bike I was only getting around 20km range from the bike before the battery low alert went off.  Charging at that point only put around 18ah into the pack.

I knew something was up.

So after a quick run I put the cell monitors on the pack and saw that cell group 7 was very low voltage compared to the rest of the pack and mush have been the reason for the alarm.

Trying to disassemble the pack I found several cells where the anode just spun freely on the battery and were difficult to remove.  So I hacked a tool out of a old pair of crimpers and removed all the offending batteries.  6 or 8 in all (not sure now as once out I tested all batteries from the pack and my spares) some were as low as 1.2 volts and others the voltage was ok but the resistance was over 100 milliohms instead of 7 – 16 milliohms.  Two even had some corrosion from escaped electrolyte.

Bad Cells

2 thoughts on “Battery Pack work”

  1. Yep all replaced… they are balance charging now. I will need to put a cycle or two on them to level them all out and it should then be all good.

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