Range testing the bike

Since I have had it registered I have been doing some runs on the bike to try and find the limits of the bike.

The good.

  • The bike handles great.  I am taking a little while to get use to how small it is however.
  • I love the quiet while riding it, it is so cool to be doing 90km/h and only hearing the wind.
  • The bike is only using just under 70 wh per Km over my commute (speeds from 60 to 80 km/h)
  • The motor is staying around 70 to 80 degrees C for the trip WITHOUT the water cooling fitted.
  • Keeping up with traffic is not problem and pulling ahead from the lights is ok even with the 80% motor current settings
  • Speedo is accurate to within 1%

The bad

  • I am only getting 33km range from the pack.
  • It is only accepting about 2.2kw hours from the charger rather than about 3.9kw if the pack was being fully discharged then charged
  • So I have about 3/5th of my available pack
  • Looks like I will have to track down some more damaged cells.
  • My charger is not very efficient showing about 87% while charging the bike.

I can get to and from work with a range of approx 34km from the pack as is which should give me a 56 to 60km range with the pack fully working (remember that is at commute speeds of approx 80km/h)


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