Bike up and running again

Ok so back from holidays and some more work.
Thinks I have completed:
– temp sensor in motor
– dash constructed with BMS
– completed the 12v wiring
– programmed the controller
– programmed the fuse box (yep I know lookup m-Unit
– mounted the 20ah LiPo pack in the stainless steel box.

Took it for a quick spin round the block and it is all good. Temp cutout works (set it to 60 degrees to confirm cutoff) and the bike pulls really well.

Notes on the motor.
It is quieter than the original prototype, this is likely due to the better balancing on the can and the hall sensors being spaced accurately.
It is getting a little warm and I think I may have the timing a little retarded ( I forgot to note which direction I was spinning the motor when we positioned the halls)
It cools much faster than the prototype.

Note I have not yet connected the water cooling, hopefully a job for next weekend.

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