Catching Up

Ok so work, life and other stuff have got in the way and progress has been slow.

However I did get the bike up and running with a small 20ah LiPo pack for the Canberra Wheels event a couple of weeks back.  After the show I had the opportunity to take some nice photos.
Electric Bike Glamour Shots

Electric Bike Glamour Shots

You can see the stainless steel box holding the pack under the fairing.  In this configuration the bike weighs around 110kg.

Fairings off
Fairings off showing new battery

The bike is apart again so I can mount the new batteries that I have been assembling (with a lot of help) out of Kokam Cells.

Kokam pack.
Kokam pack assembled

Hopefully I will have some photos on the weekend on how they mount in.


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