Bike bits

Every bike has to have the bits that make it a bike.  The R1 was missing a few things that are needed, like the right hand rearset, front brake master cylinder and any stand middle or side.

So digging around the ebay for this stuff is always fun and I found the front brake master cylinder.

It came wrapped in plastic and fit perfectly with the Jozztek throttle.

Rearsets came next, nothing fancy but nice none the less.

It did take a bit to get the master cylinder fitted but it is all good now.  Now I will have to do something with the frame, it does not look anywhere black enough against the new rearsets.

Last but not least was a 2nd hand side stand with switch attached.  It took a lot of cleaning to get the built up grease off it.


So I need a banjo bolt or two, brake pads and a few other bike bits but not many.


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