Test battery pack

The initial build will have the standard from and a very simple battery pack of A123’s.  The pack is 32S1P built using Joey Trays.  These will give us enough grunt to test the bikes acceleration and top speed. Anyone that has built up a pack for an electric vehicle knows the challenge of wiring up the battery management system and the trepidation on connecting those wires up.

There is enough energy in these batteries to literally make the connectors and wires vapourise in your hands.

I should have the pack completed by the weekend ready for a test fit.


3 thoughts on “Test battery pack”

  1. How did the battery pack go? I just got my bike running after 3 months of work. Currently using 180lbs of 40Ah AGM batteries and I’m really searching for a new chemistry to replace it. Good luck!

  2. Once the BMS wiring is finished it will take a bit of fitting, then wiring and testing. Should know after a couple of weekend work. Damian and I have used these before and they are good. BUT this is only 20ah not enough for the final build. I will have around 75ah for the final build.

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